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Edvaldo Leão

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We believe in the dream made possible
Our company was founded in 2000 and since then our focus is directed to the bakery and confectionery segment. We make bread and cakes and are proud of our work, as we do with care and dedication.

We innovate to grow, we strive for excellence in the creation of our products and service to our customers, we manufacture and offer the most diverse types of products.

We have a great room in our bakery where the customer can make your snack and savor the delights we do, we have a function room and another reserved for diner.

With a team of competent, well-trained and prepared to provide you always with the best products.

We work with dedication, care and affection for YOU!

Edvaldo Leão


A new concept in Bakery, far beyond a simple coffee and French bread.
A 2000 Bakery seeks to understand the wants and needs of each of its clients and seeks to translate that into services and differentiated products.

We are always alert to new regional, national and even international, in order to find products that make our clients to travel without leaving home.

We think the most helpful way to serve them, to be present in your daily life and make every moment in the 2000 Bakery is special.

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We are present in there bakery and confectionery market 16 years in the city of Deerfield Beach and region.

Be present in the daily lives of our customers, meet their wants and needs, seeking to translate this into differentiated products and services always exceeding their expectations.

Be a leader in your industry, recognized for its customers and consumers for quality and innovation of its products and providing its services.

– Customers and consumers are the reason for our existence;
– Honesty, ethics and justice direct all our actions;
– We respect and trust our people.